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Did you know that Chaddock serves over 400 kids everyday?

Whether it's by finding a welcoming family for a child in foster care, students discovering their potential at school, helping residential clients overcome the impacts of trauma, our staff impacts kids and empowers families every day. Stories like these wouldn't be possible without our Mission Makers - the staff, volunteers and donors who go above and beyond for our children. 

giving our children a chance

You're Part of the Family Now

When Aidan arrived at Chaddock, he didn’t like going to school and didn’t find acceptance from his peers. Through Chaddock’s residential treatment program and therapeutic day school, Aidan finally found the right place. Continue reading...

School Struggles to success

After a few years of struggling in regular education classrooms and settings, Joanie came to Chaddock in 3rd grade. She didn't want to go and struggled to accomplish daily tasks. Now, she feels “happy and calm” when she is at school and even enjoys school! Continue reading...

Empathy in Action

From volunteering with Chaddock children to becoming a Youth Counselor at Leathers Cottage, he draws on a challenging upbringing as the eldest in a single-parent household, where he assumed a fatherly role at a young age. Clyde's life experiences inform his approach, providing stability, consistency, and empathy to the 11-15-year-old boys at Leathers Cottage who have faced adversity. Continue reading...

Finding a forever family

The journey to becoming a foster/adoptive parent is not an easy one. But it starts very simply – the knowledge that there is a child/children in this world, our country, your hometown that needs you and the desire to do something about it. Continue reading...

a journey to healing

Felicity graduated from Chaddock’s residential program. She sent this letter to say ‘thank you’ to all of the staff who helped on her journey to healing. She's now taking community college courses, learning to be an EMT. Continue reading...

More than a soccer game

Chaddock recently facilitated the participation of a young resident, previously engaged in organized youth soccer, in the Quincy Park District's Spring program. Despite being geographically distant from his parents, the client's enthusiasm for soccer has not only been accommodated but has also garnered substantial support from Chaddock staff and peers. Continue reading...

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