Chaddock’s residential clients come from all across the country. They can be as young as 6, and as old as 21. Although they have experienced tremendous pain in their pasts, they have also had many other positive experiences, and often come to us with a talent or passion from their home lives that they want to continue while they are with us. We do our best to make sure that happens! There are countless examples of kids that continued to draw, perform, play piano, and pursue their passions while at Chaddock. 

Before arriving at Chaddock, one of our clients had played organized youth soccer for several years. When it was time for the Quincy Park District to start their Spring program, he expressed interest in playing. With just a few phone calls we were able to make that happen. 

As important as providing the opportunity to play is the fact that at every game he has a huge cheering section. Though his parents would love to be there, they are hundreds of miles away. So, Chaddock staff and his peers bring blankets and snacks and good vibes to watch him play. The high-fives and smiles at the end of the games say so much of his progress. He is not only working hard in therapy, at school, and healing from the trauma of his past, he is enjoying life!