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Chaddock School

Chaddock School, a diverse learning community, provides challenging learning experiences while building meaningful relationships in a therapeutic environment to develop healthy, engaged, and productive students.

With two locations to serve you, our accredited special education schools challenge students to do their best academically. Our Quincy location serves children living on Chaddock’s campus, as well as youth from Quincy and the surrounding area who have not experienced success in the traditional public school setting. Our Carthage location serves youth in and around the Hancock County, Illinois area. 

All of our teachers are special education certified and receive continuous training to keep up with the latest therapeutic and academic approaches. With a low teacher to student ratio, each student receives the individualized care they need to reach their highest potential.

Students who earn credit at Chaddock have the option of receiving a diploma from Chaddock School or their home school district. All credits earned at Chaddock are transferable to public schools.

Chaddock School also offers an expanded day program that runs from 2-5 p.m. Monday through Friday and is offered to community special education students who attend our campus school. The program provides three additional hours of educational programming in the areas of credit recovery, vocational skills, and life skills.

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Student Success We support both our residential clients and students from neighboring communities, as local districts recognize our success in helping children and youth achieve their educational goals.

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When should I consider placing a student at Chaddock?

The decision to place a student in a private day school is typically made by the student's IEP team after all lesser restrictive options have been considered. Chaddock is an accredited private day school which has a long history of meeting the educational and therapeutic needs of students who have not achieved success in other school settings.

What laws provide guidance on private day school placement?

The School Code of Illinois, sections 105 ILCS 5/14-7.02 and 105 ILCS 5/14-7.03, outlines the rules and regulations pertaining to private day school placement. In addition, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) regulates all placement decisions for students with disabilities. The Illinois State Board of Education has appropriated funding to support students in need of such programs. 

How is funding determined?

Funding is based on a number of factors. First, every state has different funding formulas. In addition, reimbursement rates may differ based on the student's living situation. Those who are youth in care (DCFS) fall under the Private Tuition Fund (B Fund) and students who are not youth in care fall under the Individual/Private Orphanage Fund (F Fund).

Steps to place a child at Chaddock

  • 1 Contact the Director of Education 217.592.0323 to discuss the academic and behavioral concerns of the student and their appropriateness for the Chaddock School Program.
  • 2 If it is determined that the student is appropriate, the Director of Education and the school will schedule a visit to the Chaddock School by the parents and the school district prior to or in conjunction with the IEP meeting for placement.
  • 3 Chaddock School, the School District, and the parents will hold the IEP placement meeting, set a starting date, and arrange for the school district to set up transportation arrangements.
  • 4 Chaddock School will make contractual arrangements with the school district, providing financial information, contact information, school calendars, and report information from Chaddock School to the school district and parents.
  • 5 Chaddock School will meet with the parents, have them fill out registration information, provide a formal tour of the school, review school policies, and respond to any questions.