When a child comes to Chaddock, some promises are made on their very first day. We promise to keep them safe. We promise we'll never give up on them, no matter what they say or do. We promise that Chaddock will be a place they can heal and call home. They promise us that they'll focus on putting the pain of their past behind them, and allow themselves to be the boys and girls God created them to be.

With your support, we've been able to keep those promises. Today we're asking you to help us do better. We are planning a major effort to renovate and upgrade the living environment of our kids.

It has been decades since our 5 residential cottages have been thoroughly upgraded. As with any home over time, furniture in the living room has worn, flooring has cracked, walls have faded. Beds, bookcases, and desks have outlived their life expectancy. Replacing them will be an enormous undertaking.

In addition to the cottage upgrades, the ‘Transforming Spaces’ campaign includes replacing the picnic tables in our Pavilion, a key outdoor space where children and staff relax, gather for cookouts, game nights, chapel services and special events. Finally, we will replace our 50+ year old wooden entrance sign with a more modern digital one, allowing us to properly welcome new clients, families, and guests to our campus and to promote events at Chaddock and throughout our community.

Our goal is to raise the $700,000 necessary to complete the project by the end of August 2024. Please help renew the promise of Chaddock to the children in our care, and help us bring out the promise in each of our kids.

"We offer world class service to our kids. Our environment should reflect the work we do and the respect and care we have for them."

Ryan Brown, Associate Director of Residential Services

"This is more than just buying a couch or a bed; this is an opportunity to feed into the promise that is our kids." 

Chaplain Kyle Frink
pavilion 3

What will your dollars do?

$1250 will provide a new pavilion table. 

$8,000 will completely renovate a child's bedroom, including furniture, flooring and paint. 

$35,000 will revitalize a cottage living room and dining area.

$115,000 will remodel an entire cottage, including bedrooms and living areas.

Every gift to this project, no matter the amount, will be appreciated.

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The Chaddock Children's Foundation

205 S. 24th

Quincy, IL 62301

(Put "furniture" in the memo line.)

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