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Chaddock Vision & Values

Our Vision a world where every person matters, relationships are valued, and healing and change are possible

Our Values


Judeo-Christian values and principles are the foundation of Chaddock’s service to children and families. Working in a partnership of ministry with The United Methodist Church, Chaddock strives to make decisions and guide our organizations in ways that honor God, and show respect for our neighbors, our environment and ourselves.


Relationships are primary at Chaddock. Whether in a family, among co-workers, between clients and staff, friends who support Chaddock, or others providing human services, cooperation, involvement, integrity, trust and communication are key ingredients for success.


Stewardship, accountability and taking ownership for your actions — these are at the heart of the value Chaddock places on responsibility. We are accountable to both those in our care, as well as the individuals and organizations providing services and funding for that care, to ensure that clients experience increased healing and health as a result of the services provided by Chaddock.


Learning is a life-long journey. Chaddock is committed to providing quality educational opportunities for clients, staff, other human service professionals, and our community to foster access to the growth most appropriate for their unique needs. The end result of these efforts will be competent professionals, student development and community response.


Chaddock acknowledges the inherent worth of each individual, regardless of the circumstances they may have experienced. We believe clients, professional staff, and all those we encounter are deserving of our compassion, concern and support. Providing a caring environment, in which to learn, work and/or become involved, is a key element for any individual to reach their full potential.