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Chaddock Parent Support

When children experience major trauma, specialized care is required. What can an average parent learn from these hardest cases? You can use these tools, strategies and resources right now.

every child deserves support

Tips You can use today

Chaddock CEO Debbie Reed explores strategies parents can use from specialized attachment and trauma settings to better connect with their kids, no matter how big or small their challenges. Here is her TEDx Talk!

Tips You can use today

Chaddock CEO Debbie Reed and The Knowledge Center's team host a conversation with the local community about communicating with children about trauma and recent events events

Attachment Theory in Action Podcast


Karen Doyle Buckwalter, LCSW, RPT-S, Director of Clinical Practice

Carissa Woodwyk Are we really listening to our children?

Tiffany Sudela Junker Parenting with Connection

Dr. Dan Siegel How Our Attachment History Impacts Our Current Relationships

Chaddock Publications

Chaddock has gathered decades of knowledge and experience in a pair of books designed to help therapists, clinical social workers and counselors (Attachment Theory in Action) as well as parents, teachers, and those who work with children and youth (Raising The Challenging Child).