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Chaddock Internship Program

Chaddock gives you the access and professional training you need to excel in your field. We offer both Bachelor's and Master's level internships year round!

What are the qualifications?

Key qualifications for the Chaddock Internship Program include the ability to effectively work with youth and families; excellent written and oral communication skills as well as the ability to be self-motivated and organized.

Many interns are hired for full-time employment!

launch your career with real, hands-on experience

Fields of study social work • human services • special education • non-profit operations • marketing • finance

Our Interns Share Their Experiences

Programs Offered

Developmental Trauma & Attachment (DTAP)

Offered to students interested in Social Work, Human Services, Psychology, Criminal Justice, and related degrees.

Students receiving job shadow/internship hours within our residential programs will have the opportunity to observe our unique approach to treatment and practice helping skills with children and families in care.

Students are paired with experienced youth counselors who provide insight into how trauma impacts relationships and behaviors. Regular supervision is provided to discuss the student's experience.

Chaddock School

Offered to students interested in Special Education, Human Services, and Social Work.

Students have the opportunity to observe and work alongside a special education teacher to expand their ability to engage with students with trauma and attachment issues.

Due to Chaddock School's therapeutic nature, students will also be able to participate in and support therapeutic activities in both individual and group capacities.

Foster Care & Adoption

Offered to students interested in social work, case management, and related degrees.

Students are provided with experiences in parent/child visitation, placement hearings, case management, and DCFS documentation. Students are paired with an experienced case worker who will provide onsite supervision and guidance.


Offered to students studying Business Management and related degrees.

As a growing agency with over 250 employees, we offer students the opportunity to experience non-profit business management across multiple departments including Development, Finance, Human Resources, and Quality Assurance.

Students have the opportunity to observe the everyday operational responsibilities and may be assigned tasks/projects to help aid the designated department. Depending on student interest, hours may be allocated to a single department or to multiple departments.

Masters Level Practicums/Internships

Offered to students pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work, Counseling, and related degrees.

Students may be placed in our outpatient, residential, or school-based settings depending on each student's availability and interests. Master's level interns are provided various training opportunities to further educational and professional experiences.

Due to the nature of the Chaddock treatment model, students are paired with a licensed clinician to provide co-therapy for clients in care.

Ready to Take the Next Step? Apply for an Internship Today

For questions regarding your application, please contact Cassie Ransom at or call 217.222.0034.