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Accelerated Residential Program

Chaddock has established an Accelerated Residential Program to meet the needs of families while reducing the length of residential stay for their child. Accelerated Residential combines elements of the In-Home Intensive with a shorter term residential stay that requires an advanced level of family involvement. 

During the Pre-Intensive Phase

  • The family participates in video conferences and phone calls with the Intensive Team (a master’s level licensed therapist and parent coach).
  • The Intensive Team collaborates with local therapists, school counselors and other providers to ensure progress continues following treatment.

During the Pre-Residential Intensive

  • The family participates in a three-day on-campus intensive to transition the child and family into the residential setting. This time of education and preparation allows the Treatment Team to observe the family unit and establish a foundation for the treatment plan.
  • The therapist and parent coach work with the family providing individual and family therapy, parent training and coaching. Teams are specially trained in the evidenced-based trauma and attachment interventions proven successful in Chaddock's residential Developmental Trauma and Attachment Program.
  • Teams implement and model effective strategies and train parents to put clinical theories into practice.

During the Residential Stay

The residential stay phase typically lasts three to six months, the Treatment Team focuses on relationship building with the child and his/her family system.

  • Parents are involved in weekly therapy sessions and monthly meetings with the Treatment Team.
  • More frequent family visits – either at home or on campus – are encouraged.
  • Parents receive information and recommendations from the Treatment Team on strategies for success once their child returns home.
  • In addition, parents commit to couple/individual/therapy in their home community as recommended and coordinated by the Treatment Team.

During the Post-Residential Intensive

  • Following the residential stay, members of the Treatment Team conduct a two-day In-Home Intensive to ease the transition from residential care back to home for both parent and child.
  • The Intensive Team addresses challenges or barriers to implement the strategies and assess progress on the treatment goals.
  • The Intensive Team can also consult with local mental health professionals and schools providing continued services with the child.

Chaddock School

While receiving care in our residential setting, children are able to attend Chaddock’s on-campus accredited, special education school. Chaddock School serves children in the residential programs, as well as youth from the surrounding area who have not experienced success in a traditional public school classroom. Community students attending Chaddock School have an identified emotional or learning disorder that can no longer be addressed in their local school district.  The teachers at Chaddock School are special education certified and trained in trauma-informed interventions used within the classroom.  Residential children also have the option to attend the local public school should that be a better fit both behaviorally and academically.