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In-Home Intensive Program

Even the socially-defined perfect child can be a challenge and cause parents, grandparents and other caregivers to question their parenting skills. So why then, should parenting a child who has suffered challenges or trauma seem anything other than nearly impossible?

Many families who are parenting children who have attachment and complex trauma issues sometimes find themselves cycling through various therapists and services with little improvement in presenting problems. Families then feel at loss of what to do or where to go next. ​However, the real issue is often that there are not specialized services in their local community to meet the complex needs of the child and family system and/or the intensive level of service required is not available. Our comprehensive In-Home Intensive Program can address the needs of these families.

Chaddock's In-Home Intensive Program fosters success with children who have not made significant progress with previous services. We meet children where they are developmentally to address their issues and behaviors. We provide parents and caregivers the tools they need to strengthen their relationship with their child, build confidence in parenting their child and find peace in their home.

There are no geographic constraints as the Intensive Team can travel anywhere in the United States. By delivering services in the home, the team works in a setting familiar to the child/family and observes the family’s dynamics in their natural environment.

Success Story

Many families who adopt children with attachment and complex trauma issues sometimes find themselves cycling through various therapists and services with little improvement in presenting problems. The families then logically conclude that their child must need residential placement.

Our program has served children & families from 15 states

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Of those children, 3 out of 4 have remained in their homes and avoided out of home placement.

During the Pre-Intensive Phase

  • The family participates in video conferences and phone calls with the Intensive Team (a master’s level licensed therapist and parent coach).
  • The Intensive Team collaborates with local therapists, school counselors and other providers to ensure progress continues following the Intensive.

During the In-Home Phase

  • The therapist and parent coach work in the home providing individual and family therapy, parent training and coaching. Teams are specially trained in the evidenced-based trauma and attachment interventions proven successful in Chaddock's residential Developmental Trauma and Attachment Program and spend 8-10 hours a day for up to four consecutive days with each family.
  • Teams implement and model effective strategies and train parents to put clinical theories into practice. In some cases, the Team may participate in IEP meetings or classroom observation at school.

During the Post-Intensive Phase

  • The family participates in follow-up consultations with the Intensive Team to reinforce interventions introduced in the home, address challenges or barriers to implement the strategies and assess progress on the treatment goals. These consultations occur by phone or video conference.
  • The Intensive Team can also consult with local mental health professionals providing continued services with the child.

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"I've gotten more out of this in 4 days, than we have gotten out of years of therapy. Thank you Chaddock!" - The Parent of a Chaddock Child