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Chaddock Announces Expansion Plan


Chaddock, an internationally recognized leader in the treatment of children suffering the psychological and emotional effects of extreme abuse, neglect, and trauma, is beginning a new era of growth with the planned construction of a new school on their 32-acre campus in Quincy, IL.

This $12 million project will replace the current K-12 education facility It will allow Chaddock to dramatically increase the number of children they’re currently able to serve, pave the way for the construction of more residential cottages, and set the stage for the development of a national training facility for mental health professionals on their campus.

The new school is designed to meet the special sensory and therapeutic needs of Chaddock’s student population, and will be roughly double the size of their current facility. [see Features of the New School]

The project is a result of the dramatic growth and demand Chaddock has experienced due to the success of their specialized treatment program. In the past 10 years they have served children from 28 states, and enrollment in their fully accredited K-12 school grew 33% in the last school year alone. Besides the children who live at Chaddock, there are a large number of day students who commute from Quincy and the surrounding communities.

They have literally outgrown the current school building, built well over half a century ago. Today’s student population is double the building’s intended capacity. Every available space is being used:

·       The current Principal’s office was once the Chaplain’s closet.

·       Extra rooms were constructed in the basement/shop area three years ago.

·       4 administrators share one office in order to provide more classroom space.

·       They have leased a small prefabricated classroom building to provide short-term relief.

The demand for Chaddock’s specialized treatment and services continues to grow in the Quincy-area, in Illinois, and across the nation. Many families have tried several options for healing, including psychiatric hospitalization, before they find Chaddock. The construction of a new school is critical to their ability to meet this challenge.

For more information click HERE or  contact Jeff VanCamp, Director of Development.