Alice Arnold has dedicated 19 years to teaching at Chaddock School and has shared many insights on what it’s like to be a teacher here. If you are a dedicated educator looking for a meaningful career, Chaddock offers the opportunity for teachers to join an exceptional team and make a difference in children’s lives.

Supportive Team Dynamics

“I have supports constantly.”

The collaborative environment at Chaddock is vital to its success. Teachers receive extensive support from paras, behavioral managers, and the rest of the team. Alice speaks highly of her para pros saying, “I have two para pros in the classroom who are my right and left hand. I could not do anything that I do in the classroom without their help.”

Constant communication among teachers, paras, behavior managers, and cottage managers ensures that everyone is aligned in supporting the students. Chaddock works hard to provide balance in the classroom by dividing teachers and paras up by strengths and personalities.

Small Class Sizes

One thing Alice mentions that makes a world of difference is having smaller class sizes than other schools. She says it allows the staff to provide the extra needs that the students have. The students have more freedom to move about the classroom and get needed attention from the staff.

Making a Difference

When reflecting on some of her favorite parts of her job, it always came back to the students. While sometimes it can be difficult, she says that seeing the smiles on their faces is what really matters.

Alice emphasizes that she doesn’t work with “bad kids,” she works with kids who have endured significant trauma and need teachers like her who love them and listen to them daily. These traits leave a lasting impact on the students, many of whom keep in contact after they leave.

“I get messages from students who are now 30 years old. They’ve gone through college, they’re successful, they’re holding down a job, and they’re holding down the family dynamics, they’re married, they have children of their own… those are the ultimate moments for a teacher when you can see your students progressing and taking everything that you’ve taught them and moving on with life.”

For those considering applying, Alice encourages them to take the time and try it. You may feel overwhelmed, but you have a huge, supportive team behind you. The rewards outweigh all the struggles.

“This means more to me than anything that I could imagine. It is a job that takes time and patience, but it is a job that God truly puts you in this moment.”

Chaddock invites you to join this amazing team and rewarding experience. Apply here and become part of our mission.