Chaddock Children's Foundation

"Chaddock is my new beginning."

At a time when little Becky should have been playing with dolls, she had become one for her father, brother and a few of their friends.

Becky's mom left her shortly after she was born, leaving her with her Dad and a big brother in a small town in the northern part of the United States. It wasn't long before the abuse started. It lasted for six years. 

Becky was thankfully removed from that environment, but unfortunately foster care for her wasn't much better: she was shuffled from home to home, finally abandoned by one caregiver at her local DCFS office, all of her belongings stuffed into a small suitcase. 

Due to her extensive trauma, Becky was placed at Chaddock, thousands of miles from her home. The staff here worked with her, providing the sense of safety and security she'd never felt. Becky was bright, and soon caught up to her peers academically. She loved to sing, and often drew colorful pictures of happy, funny things and places. 

After three years of intense counseling and therapy, Becky was adopted by a loving couple. She writes to us from time to time, letting us know she's happy and doing well in her new life.

The success of stories like Becky's is made possible by individuals like you who generously contribute support. Your ongoing commitment brings about positive change every day. 


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