November 2020 Feel Good Friday Collection

The collection of our Feel Good Friday stories from November 2020.

November 6th -

We are so proud of two of our Appuhn Cottage girls who were recently hired for their first jobs in the Quincy community! Please join us in congratulating the girls and to the Chaddock team who helped prepare them for this important and exciting life event!

November 13 -

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November 20th - This week one of our young adult clients graduated from Chaddock’s program and stepped into their future. Under normal circumstances, his staff and peers would throw a party to celebrate his success. COVID restrictions did not allow for that.

We couldn’t let him leave without a proper goodbye though, so Chaplain Gary held a private ceremony and sent him off with a prayer and blessing for his future. That act meant more to our young man than cake and ice cream!

November 27th -

One of the students in my class is always pushing limits. I feel like we redirect him 25 times a day. When you redirect a student that often, no matter how nicely you say it, you feel like a nag. I get a little weary of hearing my voice and I felt sure he was tired of hearing it too. One recent morning he walked into the classroom and handed me a pretty blue Hallmark envelope. I was so surprised! I exclaimed, “What is this for?” He shrugged and said, “It’s for being an awesome teacher.”

It really moved me and gave me some assurance that my voice is helping.

-Chaddock Teacher

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