January 2021 Feel Good Friday Collection

January 1st- Christmas was full of wonderful surprises at Chaddock. One of the biggest was welcoming our newest client on December 23rd. Though we did not know him yet, staff and clients alike went out of their way to make sure he had a wonderful Christmas.

His room was lovingly prepared by Simon Cottage staff. His new cottage mates made cards and letters to present to him upon his arrival. He had wonderful presents to open Christmas morning, (made possible by our generous donors).

Everyone did our best to surround him with love, acceptance, fun, and Christ’s Spirit of new beginnings on Christmas morning and we will continue to do that throughout his time with us.

January 8th- Chaddock Staff are beaming with pride for the success of one of our young ladies. She started at Chaddock School several years ago and most of that time she would have preferred to climb trees instead of opening a book. BUT, this past semester she received a 4.0 GPA. Way to go B!

January 15th- Several weeks ago we welcomed a new 7 year old client into our program. Like so many of our kids, he came to us with a multitude of issues. His first therapeutic group activity with Ms. Pam did not go well and he eventually left the group. Ms. Pam understood his struggle was not with her, but with having a deep sense of insecurity in groups, so she made room for some extra one on one time with him.

This week he finally expressed he was ready to join in on the group fun again! (It does help that he loves the Grinch and Ms. Pam wears her Grinch mask as often as possible!) This young man has taken a huge step in his healing journey!

January 22nd- A client who graduated from Chaddock in 2001 recently came back for a visit to reminisce and thank the staff that had helped him so much. A father now, he proudly shared that all of his children have stayed out of trouble and attributes much of that success by what he learned at Chaddock. What a blessing to know our work continues to make a difference in his life 20 years later!

January 29th-

Maria and her husband adopted Johnny from an orphanage in a foreign country when he was just 10 weeks old. As Johnny grew he struggled to form relationships and engage appropriately in a variety of settings. Maria spent many years not knowing why.

Not only was Maria unprepared for her journey in parenting, she didn’t know there were many other children like her son suffering from the effects of trauma, or that there was help available. Just a few months ago, her family found Chaddock. Read the full story here!

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