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Parenting in Challenging Times

During the early weeks of the Covid-19 pandemic, Chaddock's treatment team organized and released a series of webinars designed to help parents through this unique situation that put strain on many families. While these webinars are designed specifically for the Pandemic, the tools and techniques shared by our treatment team are useful for any challenging time.

Staying Sane While Staying Home

Staying Regulated While Staying Home

Staying Connected While Staying Home

Staying In Control While Staying Home

Free Survival Guide Download

In case you didn't grab it from the e-mail we sent, Karen Doyle Buckwalter, LCSW, RPT-S, has curated a custom e-book just for parents, who may be struggling with their kids at home. She's combined lessons from the book she co-authored, Raising the Challenging Child, along with vast knowledge gained from working with challenging children and adolescents to bring you fresh ideas you can try today!

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