Chaddock is serving children from across the country, and the demand for our services and the number of people we've helped has skyrocketed in recent years. But there is so much more we can do, so much more we have to do.


With the completion of Simon Cottage in 2010 and the Chaddock Education Center in the fall of 2016, we have taken steps to widen our impact and serve even more children and families. When the decision was made to build our school, it was also determined that after the new school was completed the “old school” would be renovated to become The Knowledge Center at Chaddock. The development of a space for The Knowledge Center will allow our mission to grow as we reach and train professionals and parents across the country. We are actively working toward making that next step a reality.


We have worked with Klingner & Associates on a renovation plan that includes one large training space and three break-out rooms as well as a gathering/lunch space, renovated and expanded bathrooms, and training and marketing department offices.


Chaddock is known across the nation as the place where children who bear the emotional and spiritual scars of incredible abuse and trauma can come to be made not just be comforted, but to be healed.


Sadly, there are even more children across the country that are being abused, neglected, and suffering right now. Tomorrow, they could be Chaddock children.


We hope you'll agree that  'Every Child Deserves a Chance', and help us provide it.  


For more information about Chaddock’s Development Plan or to make a donation in support of The Knowledge Center, please contact Jeff VanCamp, Director of Development at 217.222.0034, ext. 328 or