Kittel Cottage
Kittel Cottage

Kittel Cottage

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Kittel Cottage
Kittel Cottage

Kittel Cottage

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Kittel Cottage is a unique cottage on our campus for our young men. At Kittel, they will begin to learn and acquire the skills to live independently. The staff helps them learn how to cook on their own, how to maintain their residence, as well as job skills.


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Cottage Manager

Joined Chaddock in 1999

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I began my career at Chaddock over 20 years ago, and in that time, I have worked in all areas of the agency dealing with kids.  I have served in current role as  Cottage Manager for the last 12 years. I work with youth all areas of life in preparing them for reunification with family or living independently. I enjoy seeing the youth grow and develop skills to take control of their lives, and working with families. I am married, and the father of 2 children, I coach football at Quincy Notre Dame, and enjoy spending time with family. I love the simple things in life

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Joined Chaddock in 2021

As a mental health professional, I have been tremendously impressed in my time here at Chaddock. The staff collaborate care throughout the campus to ensure the best treatment for all the children overseen. Serving as a therapist for the older boys in Kittel Cottage has been a wonderful experience for me. When not engaging with the Chaddock family here, my husband and I have five boys at home to care for. We enjoy camping, canoeing, fishing, and many other activities where we can appreciate the beautiful outdoors.



Family Services


Joined Chaddock in 1999

I’m a mental health professional, beginning my employment at Chaddock in 1999.  For 17 years, I worked in a direct care role in different cottages and with different programs. In my present role, I seek to work effectively with the young men we serve and their families/support systems.  I very much want to facilitate interactions and opportunities for family growth and positive relationships as we all move forward.  While my free time is largely devoted to my family of course, I have interest in current events and history. 


Clinical Supervisor

Joined Chaddock in 2008

Hello! I am the Clinical Supervisor at Chaddock School. My role within the Core Treatment Team is to collaborate and consult with the cottages regarding each of our students. As a Team we are working together to meet our students educational, behavioral, and social emotional needs within the school setting. This ensures continuity of care between our school and cottage environments. I have been with Chaddock since 2008 and I consider myself a lover of coffee and being outdoors with family and friends.


Client Relations Manager

Joined Chaddock in 2005

I am a mental health professional, focusing on transition and aftercare, as well as family engagement. I provide a 'Parent Connect' Zoom weekly where parents can connect with one another in a safe environment. I have worked at Chaddock for 15 years in the Residential area. I am married with three children, aged 12, 10 and 5, and one dog. I love baking, playing cards, crafts, and spending time outside with my family.