I S  C H A D D O C K  R I G H T  F O R  U S ?

Many parents call and ask, “Can Chaddock Help My Child?”


The answer depends on various factors, but the best way to get an answer is just to call!  Chaddock offers many different levels of care as well as numerous services, and if we don’t have what you are looking for, we can often help offer a referral that makes sense for your situation.


In our Developmental Trauma and Attachment Program® (DTAP®), three out of four children and youth are able to return to their adoptive or foster care home after being discharged from Chaddock – an amazing rate of success!  In our fully-accredited school, many students, both residential and off-campus, are able to advance more than one-grade level a year once their emotional and academic needs are met.


To help make Chaddock’s excellent results possible, we work with parents and all other relevant parties (including referral and funding sources, schools, Illinois DCFS, and governing bodies in other states) to be sure that our services are a good match for the needs of our students. 


Therefore, the care each boy or girl at Chaddock receives is highly personalized; that individual care and concern begins with your first phone call to us.  We are anxious to help you find the solutions you are seeking, whether or not we are your best choice of service. 


Call our Admissions Department today!
Tony Vincent, tvincent@chaddock.org or 
Jes Cain, jcain@chaddock.org at  217.222.0034. 


205 South 24th Street

Quincy, Illinois 62301



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