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Have you ever thought about opening your heart and your home to a foster child?  Each week, children in our Western Illinois area are in need of a safe and loving home.  Chaddock is consistently rated as one of the top foster care agencies in the state of Illinois.  Foster parents shape lives and in the process experience both the challenges and rewards that come with the task.


If you are married, single, male, female, young, old, with no children, grown children, children at home, living in town, on the farm, in a big house, or renting an apartment, Chaddock can help you take that next step to becoming the family a child needs. 

To explore foster parenting or request a Foster Care Consultation, please contact:

SCOTT WHEELOCK, Foster Care Licensing Manager  |  |  217.592.0450 ext. 459

LINDSEY MILLER, Foster Care Licensing Manager  |  |  217.592.0450 ext. 468