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Harvesting A Better Future for Kids

The Chaddock Agricultural Partnership is a network of grain producers and 100 grain elevators throughout Illinois who support Chaddock's mission. Producers donate grain to Chaddock at participating elevators. Chaddock sells the grain at current market prices. The farmer is able to reduce their income tax bill while still getting full production credit, and the children at Chaddock benefit from their generosity.


This year, funds from the Ag Partnership have a very special purpose: all donations will be applied to Chaddock's Family Visitation Fund, helping reunite children with their families more quickly.


Children come to Chaddock from across the country, and they cherish visits from their families. For some families, these long-distance trips present a financial hardship, adding to an already stressful time. The Family Visitation Fund will help alleviate that by providing families who demonstrate real financial need with assistance to visit their child. Transportation, lodging, and meals are some of the costs the Fund can cover.


Our friends in the farming community understand the power of strong family relationships. The Chaddock Agricultural Partnership offers the means to strengthen and heal those relationships for families in crisis.


What is the process for donating to Chaddock?

When you deliver your grain to the merchandiser, tell them you want a specific amount of grain donated to Chaddock. The receipt you get from the elevator will reflect your grain contribution.

Will my donated grain be sold immediately or stored?

All grain donated to Chaddock will be sold ‘off the truck’. It will not be stored or held in anticipation of a better price later.

How will Chaddock know how much grain I donated and the cash value of its sale as my contribution?

The elevator will report to Chaddock the names and contact information of producers who contribute to the Building Fund, the amount of grain they donate, and the cash equivalent being sent to Chaddock. This report will come to Chaddock at least monthly, if not more frequently.

When will I get an acknowledgment from Chaddock for my contribution?

When Chaddock receives the contribution report and check from the elevator, we will process the gifts as quickly as possible. Acknowledgement letters thanking the donor for the amount of grain donated will be issued as soon as practicable.

Can’t I just sell the grain myself and send a check to Chaddock?

Doing this means you may be giving up some of the tax advantages gained by donating grain, not cash.

Will donating grain affect the production numbers I report?

No. Your receipt from the elevator will reflect the total amount of grain you bring in, including the amount donated to Chaddock.

What if my elevator/merchandiser doesn’t have a Chaddock account?

Contact Jeff VanCamp, Executive Director, Chaddock Children's Foundation, and ask that an account be established. This is usually a very quick and simple process that can handled over the phone. The number is 217-222-0034 (office), or 217-242-6077 (cell after hours).

Everyone’s situation is different. Please contact your tax adviser to see exactly what benefits you can realize by donating grain directly to the Chaddock Children’s Foundation.