All referrals for Chaddock’s services receive careful consideration. At the time of referral, basic information about the child is evaluated to see if Chaddock is an appropriate next step.  If we conclude that we are not the best fit for a particular child, then we try to suggest another placement that is more suited to the child's needs.  Children are accepted for admission to Chaddock based on the clinical criteria and assessment of needs conducted during the admission process.



It’s easy to get the admission process moving – just start with a phone call (see below). During the initial phone call, we’ll discuss basic information and conduct an initial screening to determine if your child meets the criteria for Chaddock’s programs.  We want to make sure that we can offer you and your family the hope and healing you deserve. 


If appropriate, you will be asked to complete the application packet. Developmental Trauma and Attachment Program is delivered in three different treatment options: In-Home Intensive, Residential, and Accelerated Residential. The application packet will provide us with valuable information which allows our admissions committee to determine which treatment option is appropriate for your child.

Download the forms below. Both are fillable PDFs, but you must download the forms first, then fill them out in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. The files will not save if you attempt to fill them out inside your web browser



After you've decided that our program is right for you, the admissions department will guide you to potential sources of funding for your Chaddock experience. Once your child has been accepted into the Chaddock program, the admissions department will contact you to arrange a date of placement. 


We’ve learned over the years that funding can come from many sources including your insurance provider, Medicaid programs and even your state public school system.  We will serve as your navigator as you cut through red tape to secure funding and the future of your child. Admissions personnel will arrange a meeting with the Director of Finance to establish payment for services. 

You are welcome to visit Chaddock and tour our campus. Please contact our Admissions Team to schedule a date. We are always happy to welcome visitors.
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Applications are accepted all year long. Programs are individualized.

For more information the admissions process, please contact:

TONY VINCENT, Admissions Manager  |  |  217.592.0347

JES CAIN, Admissions Manager  |  |  217.592.0402